Our Library includes library collections containing a variety of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service publications, reports, fact sheets, media, and documents, along with other reference material.


USFWS employee releasing juvenile bull trout into Pinhead Creek
In the past, bull trout were abundant and widely distributed in the Oregon's Willamette Basin, including the Clackamas River. This threatened species had not been seen in the Clackamas since 1963. The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Office, in cooperation with the State of Oregon, USDA Forest Service and...
Carrot Seed
The Deschutes River Basin HCP is a large-scale, collaborative plan that helps the City of Prineville and the Irrigation District members of the Deschutes Basin Board of Control meet their current and future water needs while enhancing fish and wildlife habitat. The HCP covers approximately 10,500...
A barred owl perched on a branch surrounded by green vegetation.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service identified competition from barred owls as one of two main threats to the northern spotted owl’s continued survival (habitat loss is the other). We conducted an experiment to test the effects of removing barred owls from certain areas of spotted owl habitat to see...
Environmental Education table at the Oregon Zoo
This is a collection of different Conservation Education documents on various subjects.

Federally listed, proposed, candidate, and delisted, species under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Office/USFWS which may occur in Oregon. List also includes species of concern.