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Injured Wildlife
This injured bald eagle was captured by Windom WMD staff and transported to the Raptor Center in St. Paul. Photo by Kimberly Emerson/USFWS

Please do not attempt to rehabilitate wildlife on your own; special permits and knowledge are required. Always contact a licensed professional. You can contact the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota if you have questions about what to do. 

Our staff do not rehabilitate injured wildlife. We can try to help get you in contact with a licensed rehabilitator and in some instances, we may help you capture and transport the animal under certain circumstances. 

If you have found a deceased eagle, please contact our office to arrange pickup or dropoff. It is illegal to possess any part of an eagle, including feathers. 

If you have an injured raptor, please contact the Raptor Center in St. Paul. If you must handle or move an injured raptor before help can arrive, visit the Raptor Center website for safe handling procedures.

Raptor Center - University of Minnesota
Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota
Reporting Wildlife Crimes

For any immediate criminal activity or emergency on U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service land, please contact your local authority or dial 911. 

To report a problem with something on Windom WMD lands, please call our district office or email

Hunting, or other wildlife-related criminal activity, should be reported to federal wildlife officers through the FWS TIPS hotline or via email. Help Protect our Wildlife! Turn In Poachers! 

USFWS Turn-In-Poachers (TIP) Line

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