Law Enforcement

To report a violation on the Refuge call: Refuge Headquarters at 239-657-8001  

To report wildlife emergencies, marine mammal strandings, or wildlife crimes off the Refuge: Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Emergency Hotline at 1-888-404-FWCC (3922)  

To report and seek care for injured wildlife call: von Arx Wildlife Hospital at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida at 239-262-CARE (2273)  

Always dial 911 in an emergency! 

Please observe the following rules when visiting Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge:

  • All plants and animals are protected. 
  • Stay far enough away from resting birds so that they do no flush.
  • No removal of artifacts.
  • Pets must be contained on a 6' leash.
  • Respect overnight camping closures May-Sept. 
  • Off-road vehicles are prohibited.
  • Please do not litter, and take trash out with you to prevent wildlife conflicts. 
  • Be a responsible boater. Observe manatee zone speed restrictions. Avoid damage to seagrass beds.
  • Use facilities on your boat or a ‘portable potty’. Dig a cat hole above the high tide line for fecal matter.
  • Nudity is prohibited. 
  • Protect yourself from sun stroke, biting insects, and be aware of dangerous currents while swimming.
  •  Within the inland marshes bordering US Highway 41, motorized watercraft are limited to outboard motors with a maximum of 25 HP, which includes go-devil engines. Airboats are not allowed within the inland marshes bordering Highway 41. Users should confine the use of motors to the marked trails, and use paddles, push poles or trolling motors as they cross over marsh grasses.

Hunting and Fishing 

Refuge hunting and fishing regulations generally follow Florida state seasons and regulations. Please visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for up-to-date state regulatory information.