Facility Rules and Policies

To protect the natural resources of Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge and to provide all visitors with a safe and enjoyable wildlife experience, please observe all signs and all regulations in handouts, brochures, and postings.  

General Rules and Regulations on Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge:  

  • All plants and animals are protected. All government property, including natural, historic, and archaeological features, are protected. Removal is prohibited.  

  • Give birds their space. Keep your person and all equipment far enough away from resting birds so that they do no flush. 

  • Take off and landing of unmanned aerial systems/drones is prohibited on refuge lands.  

  • Pets must be contained on a 6' leash. 

  • Nudity is prohibited.  

  • Respect island camping closures May-Sept.  

  • Off-road vehicles are prohibited. 

  • Littering is prohibited. Take trash and fishing line out with you to prevent wildlife conflicts or harm.