A Boy Peers Through His New Binoculars

One of the best ways to view wildlife at Ten Thousand Islands is from our Marsh Trail and Observation Tower. This 2.2 mile round trip trek follows the only access trail found on the refuge. The first ¼ mile of the trail is paved, the rest being a wide gravel road. The 2-story observation tower includes wildlife viewing scopes, benches, and the first level is handicap accessible.

Manatees and dolphins are commonly seen in the rivers and bays of Ten Thousand Islands NWR. At Port of the Islands Marina visitors can often view manatees. Whether stopping by the Marina to view the manatees or launch a vessel into the Ten Thousand Islands waters, be sure to stop at the small education center inside the Marina store!

Sea turtles, most commonly loggerhead and green, nest on the outer barrier islands of the Refuge. Visitors are welcome to view flagged nests during the summer months and may see the occasional turtle near shore. Please keep in mind that sea turtles are a protected species. Do not disturb or harass nests, hatchlings, or nesting mothers in any way. To learn more about sea turtles and their management at Ten Thousand Islands NWR check out the resource management section of this website!