Facility Rules and Policies

Vehicular Travel

Road conditions constantly change. Road closed signs are posted for your safety.

Vehicle access to the refuge is only permitted on designated public access roads. Make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip - check your tires, fuel, fluids, and battery. The most common problem people experience is a flat tire – a spare, and the means to change it, are a must!

Only registered and insured passenger vehicles are allowed on the refuge. Passenger vehicle is defined as a "motor vehicle that is designed, constructed or adapted for the principal purpose of transporting passengers," but excludes off-highway vehicles. All off-highway vehicles (OHVs), are prohibited because of impacts to the land and natural and cultural resources. This access is limited to enable visitors to engage in priority wildlife-dependent public uses of the National Wildlife Refuge System. In short, if you cannot legally drive your vehicle to get to the refuge, you cannot drive it on the refuge.

For nearby locations where OHV use is permitted, please visit the Nevada Off-Highway Vehicles Program. Dirt bikes must be licensed, plated, and have rear view mirrors.

Please protect wildlife habitat - stay on designated roads and follow posted speed limits.