Ways to Get Involved

Whether you want to further conservation, learn more about nature or share your love of the outdoors, you’ve come to the right place. National wildlife refuges provide many opportunities for you to help your community by doing what you love. National wildlife refuges partner with volunteers, youth groups, landowners, neighbors and residents of urban communities to make a lasting difference. Find out how you can help make American lands healthier and communities stronger while doing something personally satisfying.


From its start in 1903, the National Wildlife Refuge System has owed its very existence to concerned citizens eager to protect America's natural resources. Discover for yourself what tens of thousands of volunteers have learned: Volunteering for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is fun and rewarding in many ways. Thousands of volunteers donate their time and ideas each year to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Whether they work on the land, in a visitor center or with youth, they contribute to the conservation mission that reaches back more than a century. Master new skills. Meet new friends. Enjoy a sense of accomplishment from doing your part to further wildlife conservation for the pleasure of generations to follow. 

Desert NWR Volunteer Program

Interested in making a contribution to the preservation of our natural heritage? Desert National Wildlife Refuge has opportunities for individuals with special skills and interests to assist with:

  • wildlife research
  • biological surveys
  • habitat restoration
  • environmental education
  • photography
  • administration
  • maintenance
  • trail maintenance

If you are local to Southern Nevada and are interested in volunteering at the Corn Creek Visitor Center, please send an email to jennifer_heroux@fws.gov for more information.

Alternatively, you can search for volunteer opportunities on Volunteer.gov

Volunteer Opportunities

Spend your days in the beautiful Mojave Desert of Desert National Wildlife Refuge!Volunteers needed for the following 3 or 4 month commitments: September - November 2024, March - May 2025.Position assists maintenance division with general maintenance duties.Position is located at Corn Creek, the...
Spend your days in the beautiful Mojave Desert of Desert National Wildlife Refuge!Volunteers needed for the following 3 or 4 month commitments: September - November 2024 and March - May 2025.Position opens, closes and staffs the Corn Creek Visitor Center, the main gateway to the 1.6 million acre...

Our Partners

Nature does not recognize human-made boundaries. In order to conserve our natural and cultural resources effectively, we must work with others to bridge these boundaries. Partnerships foster creative solutions to challenging situations and often the results are greater than the sum of the parts. In southern Nevada, there are millions of acres of public lands to explore, and we invite you to join us there.


At Desert NWR, we strive to offer opportunities for visitors to engage with refuge staff and participate in public programming. 

Please visit our partners at the Southern Nevada Agency Partnership to see how you can get involved.

You can also find the refuge on Facebook, where many events, videos, and the latest information is shared. 

Education Programs

Open the door to a potentially life-changing experience. If you land a student internship, a fellowship or a volunteer opportunity at a national wildlife refuge national wildlife refuge
A national wildlife refuge is typically a contiguous area of land and water managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  for the conservation and, where appropriate, restoration of fish, wildlife and plant resources and their habitats for the benefit of present and future generations of Americans.

Learn more about national wildlife refuge
, fish hatchery or other U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service site, you’re bound to come away with new insights and excitement about conservation.

Become a Junior Refuge Ranger!

Becoming a Junior Refuge Ranger is a great way to learn about the refuge. When you stop by the visitor center, ask a staff associate for a junior refuge ranger booklet. Complete a variety of fun activities to earn your Junior Ranger Badge (and possibly patch, too!). There are over 560 national wildlife refuges, many of which have similar programs. 

Please be sure to check the Events tab and Facebook page, as we regularly advertise guided Junior Refuge Ranger programs. These FREE programs are designed for children ages 7-12, but other ages are welcome. Parents or chaperones must attend with child.

If you prefer, the refuge also offers some parent and educator resources online. Feel free to download these worksheets to print at home and bring with you during your visit. 

Participate in the Junior Duck Stamp Program

The Nevada Junior Duck Stamp Contest is an annual tradition that mixes art and science. The contest is open to all Nevada residents under the age of 18.

Agents of Discovery

You can play the Agents of Discovery missions at Desert NWR! This mission begins at the kiosk for the Corn Creek trails and has challenges along the Jackrabbit, Coyote, and Bighorn Loops. This mission requires walking and a mobile device with internet access.

To play Agents of Discovery, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the Agents of Discovery app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Make sure your mobile device's GPS is enabled.
  3. Open the app. Login to your account, or create a new account if you are a new agent. You do not need an account to play, but you will need to create an account if you want to save a history of the missions you have completed.
  4. Tap "Missions" at the home screen.
  5. The app automatically finds the missions that are closest to your location. If you are at the refuge, the Desert mission will automatically appear at the top. If you don't see them, use the magnifying glass at the top of the page to search "Desert NWR."
  6. Open the mission you wish to accept.
  7. Mission "challenges" are GPS-triggered. As you move along the mission route, your mobile device will alert you when you get near the location of the next challenge.
  8. When a new challenge appears on your screen, tap to open it. You will learn fun facts about nature and wildlife, and then get a puzzle to solve.
  9. Solve all the challenges to complete the mission!

Agents of Discovery missions can be found at refuges, parks, nature centers, and museums all over the United States and Canada! Look for them when you travel, or visit the Agents of Discovery website for a list. 

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Internships are a great way to get involved in public lands. The refuge periodically offers internships to current students and/or recent graduates. To search for internship opportunities, please visit:

Learn more on our internships and fellowships page.


A job with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is perfect for anyone with determination, persistence, imagination – and a passion for conserving America's natural heritage. 

Learn more on our careers page.