Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn

The Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn (FDB) started in Las Vegas in 1964 and is the world’s oldest wild sheep conservation group.  At that time there were fewer than 2,000 bighorn sheep in Nevada (from historic highs of 30,000).  Now there are approximately 14,000 bighorn sheep in the state…more than any other in the lower 48.

Through volunteer and financial support the Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn provides life-saving water projects in remote locations throughout Southern Nevada to sustain the Desert Bighorn and 67 other species. The total capacity of these developments exceeds 900,000 gallons of water for wildlife through 100% volunteer efforts.  The FDB is a non-profit organization with no paid staff members. We are seeking partners that can provide material or financial support needed to maintain the existing projects and help build more projects. Your support will help to put more sheep on our mountains and sustain all desert wildlife.

Partner Category

We often partner with non-governmental conservation organizations on conservation projects, whether it's to conserve identified species such as the monarch butterfly or to advise on land acquisition for conservation so that it has the greatest benefit for species.

Here we partner with a wider variety of other organizations on projects to meet shared conservation goals.

Other Partners

Here are just a few of our National Partners. You can view the full list of FWS partners, along with the regions and areas of focus our work together entails.

Partnership Services

Through our partnerships we are able to expand our capabilities through the inclusion of services in areas such as:

  • Grant opportunities
  • Sponsorship of grants
  • Cooperative Agreements

To find out more about how our partner provides services view our partner services below.