Current Road Conditions

High clearance vehicles are required past Corn Creek. 4-wheel drive (4WD) is recommended. Road conditions may have changed since your last visit. Please be cautious.

Mormon Well Road

  • Mormon Well Road is open from Corn Creek to US-93. Desert Pass Campground is open and accessible from both directions.
  • As always, backcountry travel using high clearance vehicles is strongly recommended. 4-wheel drive (4WD) may be required in Sawmill Canyon due to loose gravel conditions.

Alamo Road

  • Motorists wishing to drive on Alamo Road stand a very good chance of getting stuck at Desert Dry Lake. The dirt on the road has turned to powder, which is also referred to as “poof dirt.” The conditions are very hazardous, even for those familiar with driving in sandy conditions. In addition, cell and radio service are very limited, so stranded vehicles may not be able to call for help.

Additional information will be issued as conditions warrant.

All other spur roads are OPEN*.

*Note: Recent road grading did not go beyond Sawmill Canyon on Mormon Well Road or past Hidden Forest Road on Alamo Road. Please be extra cautious when traveling any spur roads, as there may be unreported washouts, loose soils, or sharp rock.


Current Fire Conditions

When conditions allow, campfires are permitted in established areas. Please check current fire restrictions that may be in place before your trip.