Current Road Conditions: September 9, 2023

Alamo Road: Open

Road conditions are rough after the recent storm event. High clearance and 4WD is required, and visitors are asked to proceed with caution.

The spur roads off of Alamo are passable except for Joe May, which remains closed indefinitely, due to extensive damage.

Conditions through the dry lakebed on Alamo Road are unknown. It may have flooded conditions after the recent storms, and if so, vehicles have a high chance of getting stuck. When (and if) dry, this area has very fine dirt which causes hazardous driving conditions, obscuring visibility and hidden road hazards like rock and ruts. Cell and radio service are very limited, so stranded vehicles will not be able to call for help. If you choose to travel through this area, please be prepared for emergencies and have the tools and knowledge to conduct a self-rescue.

Mormon Wells and Gass Peak Roads

Remain closed to travel due to a high rain and flood event that occurred on September 1. Mormon Well road had significant erosion and cross cutting from over-road flows, which have created unsafe driving conditions.

We have started to repair roads and will update this page with updates as they reopen and with updated conditions as they are known. 

Please note: It is illegal to drive on Desert's backcountry roads while the closure is in effect. For your safety and the safety of others, please respect all closed signs and notices. 


Current Fire Conditions

When conditions allow, campfires are permitted in established areas. Please check current fire restrictions that may be in place before your trip.