Ways to Get Involved

The Midwest Fisheries Center offers environmental education activities for community groups and schools. In addition, the center can lend fishing poles to local community groups. Every July, the center co-sponsors Youth Outdoor Fest in La Crosse, Wisconsin in partnership with La Crosse Parks, Recreation and Forestry.


Volunteer opportunities are available for those 16 and older. For volunteers aged 16-17, a parent or guardian must be present. There are many fulfilling projects to help with including fishing days with children and veterans, school environmental outreach events, the annual Youth Outdoor Fest and indoor projects like net mending and data digitization. Volunteers are invited to staff potlucks.

Our Partners

Tribal Trust Responsibilities 

Conserving U.S. fish and other aquatic resources cannot be successful without the partnership of tribes. They manage or influence some of the most important aquatic habitats both on and off reservations. In addition, the federal government and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have distinct and unique obligations toward tribes based on trust responsibility, treaty provisions and statutory mandates. 

La Crosse Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office works with the Red Lake, White Earth, Meskwaki, Prairie Island and other tribal communities in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Projects include lake sturgeon restoration efforts on the Wolf and Red River basins, walleye and trout fish assessments, wild rice assessment and habitat restoration. 


Office staff make visits to school groups, participate in career fairs and sports shows and host public events in order to share their knowledge and passion for natural resources with the community. Along with a network of fantastic volunteers, staff are also active in supporting and participating in the events of other conservation agencies.