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A close-up underwater shot of an Apache trout swimming
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to remove the native Arizona Apache trout from the List of Endangered and Threatened Species. Collaboration and partner-driven habitat conservation, non-native trout removal, and reintroduction efforts helped save the Apache trout from the brink of...
Samson Creek outlet
In just a decade, the Salmon SuperHwy project is already more than halfway to its goal of opening 180 miles of cold, clean water along Oregon’s North Coast for spawning anadromous fish such as coho, Chinook, steelhead and cutthroat trout and lamprey. Once complete, the project will have restored 95...
Highland Dam Removal Site on the West Fork River in West Virginia
Across the country, people are transforming and replenishing the landscape—creating new opportunities to connect with nature, improving safety around waterways, and opening river access to aquatic species.
Adult steelhead jumping out of the water
Replacing a few culverts under roadways in a remote area of Washington may not seem that big of a deal. But for threatened summer steelhead, it could be a game changer.
A man with two girls and a boy stand in front of trees, all 3 kids holding huge trout.
At Winthrop National Fish Hatchery's Kids Fishing Day event in 2022, kids often caught fish so big, they could barely lift them. After two years of Covid that closed public events, the trout had gotten enormous!
A man in a wheelchair and wearing a hoodie fishing from a platform overhanging a river.
The only wheelchair-accessible fishing platform in North Central Washington is located on Icicle Creek. Trout Unlimited’s Icicle Valley Chapter teamed up with the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery to make sure all anglers can still reach the river in 2022.
2 men in t-shirts peer into a rectangular cage as they slide it into the back of a pickup, with a beaver inside the cage.
What are beavers doing at a hatchery? It's just a way-station for beavers moving on to new homes and important work on behalf of their fellow wildlife. The Wenatchee Beaver Project helps beavers relocate with benefits to people, fish, and myriad other life.

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