Fish and Aquatic Conservation

Happy Fish sitting on a dock near Lake Tahoe
Happy Fish has completed the LCT migration up the Truckee River all the way to Lake Tahoe where LCT spawn
in the Main stem Truckee River as well as Tributaries to Lake Tahoe. Credit: Stephanie Byers /USFWS


May 2017

The World Fish Migration Foundation connects with organizations around the world to highlight the importance of improving the ability of fish to move freely in order to maintain health populations. This is highlighted in the bi-annual World Fish Migration Day.

Happy Fish is the international symbol for improving improving fish migration. Happy Fish symbolizes collaborative partnerships that work together to recreate free migration for for the benefit of fish and communities across the world.

Happy Fish recently enjoyed a journey down the Truckee River in Nevada. The migration route of the once thought to be extinct Lahontan cutthroat trout was recreated by Happy Fish. A small remaining isolated population of Lahontan cutthroat trout was brought to the National Fish Hatchery for rearing. Starting at the Lahontan National Fish Hatchery, Happy Fish ends the species historic migration at lake Tahoe where the monster trout species once thrived as king of the lake before brought to the brink of extinction by barriers built in the Truckee River.

The USFWS highlighted this symbol at several USFWS Fish Passage projects throughout the US will help inform the public about the importance of fish migration. Happy Fish was seen at projects in Montana, Colorado, Nevada, California, Oregon, and now has arrived at it’s final U.S. destination in Lake Tahoe. Happy fish will continue it’s international journey with it’s next stop in Australia.

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