Historic rail carts used for transporting fish
Our conservation roots run deep. In 1871, people recognized that America’s fisheries were in trouble and called on congress to act. The United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries was formed on February 9, 1871. Their charge was clear - to determine if America’s fisheries were declining, and if...
LCFWCO - Fish Sampling
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Offices specialize in providing fish population information. This data is critical for managing fisheries and assessing management strategies. Data is collected by tagging and recapturing fish, monitoring angler harvest, and even tracking the DNA they behind leave in...
Biologists prepare tubes for water samples during an eDNA sampling event.
Seven laboratories provide conservation genetics research and support to the Service and its partners. The labs provide sampling guidance, genetic data generation, and interpretation of genetic data for management, conservation and policy issues. Using a suite of molecular techniques, the labs...
An open-bottom culvert-- a structure under a road-- allows fish passage at Cottonwood Creek in Wasilla, Alaska.
Habitat loss, fragmentation, and degradation are some of the primary factors in the decline of native species. Various sources of pollution are also worsening water quality and habitat. We work with tribes, states, and other partners to identify population and management objectives, address the...
A boy holds a fish in his hands and smiles at the camera. A person next to him holds a fishing rod an bobber.
Did you know that you can be a super-star conservationist just by going fishing? Whether you prefer fly-fishing on a wild and scenic river, noodling for catfish, or dropping a line in an urban waterway, here are some basics to get you started fishing responsibly!
Native Cutthroat trout swimming in Yellowstone National Park
Investigational New Animal Drugs (INADs) are drugs that are in the approval pipeline but are not yet approved by FDA for use in the United States. Participation in the AADAP National INAD Program requires enrolling in the program which allows access to one or all of the drugs. How to Enroll in...
A person stands in front of a lake and holds a large goldfish up to the camera.
Goldfish can seem like the ideal low maintenance pet. But if you are no longer able to care for your them, it can be difficult to know what to do with your fishy friend.
A pallid sturgeon swims along a rocky stream bed. The fish is long and slender, with whiskers and small ridges along its back and sides.
A well-stocked fish medicine chest allows fisheries professionals to more effectively rear and manage various fish species. This in turn allows them to meet research and production goals, stock healthy fish, and help maintain a healthy and robust environment.
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