Facility Rules and Policies

ALL fishing equipment PROHIBITED on hatchery property including:

  • Fishing poles
  • Tackle
  • Nets
  • Boats
  • Waders, etc. 
Policies at Erwin NFH

Open raceways at the hatchery allow visitors to observe and feed the fish in display areas. The following rules apply while visiting Erwin National Fish Hatchery:

  • Dogs are welcome at the hatchery. You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog
  • Do NOT attempt to feed fish with anything other than fish food provided by Erwin NFH employees
  • Do NOT put your hands in the water 
  • Fishing equipment is PROHIBITED on hatchery property

          -This includes fishing poles, nets, waders, tackle, etc. 

*Failure to observe any of these policies can result in health degradation of fish and contamination of hatchery facilities*