Located in southeast Arkansas in Ashley County, Overflow National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1980 to protect one of the last remaining bottomland hardwood forests considered vital for maintaining mallard, wood duck, and other waterfowl populations in the Mississippi Flyway.

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National Wildlife Refuges offer us all a chance to unplug from the stresses of daily life and reconnect with our natural surroundings.

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      This 13,000-acre wetland complex is comprised of bottomland hardwood forests, impoundments, and croplands. During the winter, a 4,000 acre green tree reservoir is created when the bottomland hardwood forests are allowed to flood. This seasonally flooded area provides excellent habitat for mallards, wood ducks, and other waterfowl species. 

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      Home to a vast array of birds and other wildlife, the bottomland hardwood forests in Overflow National Wildlife Refuge is considered vital for mallard, wood duck, and other waterfowl populations along the Mississippi Flyway. 

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      Wildlife conservation is at the heart of the National Wildlife Refuge System. It drives everything on U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lands and waters managed within the Refuge System, from the purposes for which a National Wildlife Refuge is established, to the recreational activities offered, to the resource management tools used. Using conservation best practices, the Refuge System manages Service lands and waters to help ensure the survival of our native wildlife species.