Facility Activities

Meredosia National Wildlife Refuge provides multiple opportunities for visitors to experience nature through wildlife-dependent activities involving fishing, wildlife observation, wildlife interpretation, wildlife photography and environmental education.

Check out the Illinois River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge Complex Bird Checklist! 

All pets must be on a leash.

Sport fishing is permitted on all areas open to public access from February 1st to October 15th. Fishing is allowed on the state-managed Meredosia Lake. Boat access is provided at the north end of Beach Road. Check the Illinois state guidelines for sizes and limits. 

Enjoy a leisurely stroll at Evan's Prairie that includes a one-quarter mile accessible trail that leads you through the remnant sand prairie, old pine plantings, bottomland forest, and concludes at a scenic overlook of Carver Lake. If you have a little more time, head over to the Shearl-Skinner...

Painting and sketching in nature is possible at nearly all sites open to the public. Sometimes, sites host public displays of artworks created on the refuge.
Whether you wield a smartphone or a zoom lens, you’ll find photo-worthy subjects at national wildlife refuges and national fish hatcheries. Wildlife photography is a priority public use on national wildlife refuges, so you’ll find wildlife drives and blinds and overlooks to help you get the images you’re after.
A few sites allow picnicking at designated areas.

Rangers lead wildlife walks, tours and educational programs at many sites. Events may focus on wildflowers or birds or on seasonal spectacles, such as waterfowl migration, eagle tours and snow goose migration.

Some refuges allow people to forage in designated areas for seasonal nuts, berries and mushrooms for personal use only. Check the refuge regulations page for details on this activity.

Many refuges champion wildlife viewing as a key recreational activity.