Law Enforcement

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service law enforcement officers have a wide variety of duties and responsibilities. Officers help visitors understand and obey wildlife protection laws. Refuge officers address illegal activities including poaching, taking of endangered species, dumping of trash, illegal operation of all terrain vehicles, trespassing and more. They enforce certain regulations that are necessary for the safety of visitors and the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat. Visitors to the refuge are subject to Federal, State, and local laws and regulations.  

Sometimes the refuge must close public areas due to improvements that are being made, prescribed burns, or other management issues. This information and associated regulations are posted at the Visitor Center so please be sure to check in to learn more about what is happening. 

Law enforcement issues should be referred to the refuge manager at 505-425-3581 x200.  

You may also report violations to New Mexico State Police @ 505-425-6771. 

Injured Wildlife:  Please contact The Wildlife Center, a State permitted wildlife hospital located in Espanola, New Mexico. Their telephone number is:  (505) 753-9505.