About Us

The Refuge is found in the Sandhills of north-central Nebraska, as a sanctuary among the Sandhills. The Sandhills region is the largest remaining tract of mixed and tall grass prairie in North America. The Refuge is located 25 miles south of Bassett, Nebraska.

Currently, the Refuge is only open for hunting. Birdwatching, wildlife observation and photography are among the opportunities that will be provided to the public in the future. There is no projected date for the opening of the Refuge, though one will be established upon the completion of a management plan. The Refuge is administered through Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge Complex office located in Valentine, Nebraska.

Our Mission

Each unit of the National Wildlife Refuge System is established with a purpose that targets the conservation of native species dependent on its lands and waters. All activities on those acres are reviewed to ensure that they are compatible with this purpose.

The primary purpose of the Seier Refuge is to preserve, restore and enhance the ecological diversity and abundance of migratory and resident wildlife. Management of the Refuge will provide the opportunity for wildlife observation, wildlife photography, and hunting of wildlife. Environmental education and interpretation will be developed for the visiting public to learn about the valuable natural resources and the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Our History

The Seier Ranch was originally homesteaded by John and Louise Seier’s grandparents in the mid-1800's. The land remained in the family until they donated their 2400 acre working cattle ranch to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in October of 1999. John and Louise Seier did not have any immediate family, but did have a love of wildlife and an interest in preserving that wildlife so they left a living legacy that serves as a wildlife sanctuary. The John W. and Louise Seier National Wildlife Refuge is the first refuge in Rock County, Nebraska.

Other Facilities in this Complex

 The John W. and Louise Seier National Wildlife Refuge is managed as part of the Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge Complex.