Seasons of Wildlife

Wild Turkey 

Daily movements of these birds may change, but turkeys will utilize the same habitat annually if it meets their needs such as roosting cover/trees, seasonal food sources and spring breeding/nesting sites. Research in Nebraska shows that wild turkeys prefer two types of trees for roost sites; the eastern cottonwood found statewide and the ponderosa pine in the west. However, you may also see them in large hackberry or American elm trees. They don't roost very far from a water supply, and if they can locate the right trees situated over running water, that is ideal for them. East slopes over water that greet the warmth of the morning sun are highly sought by turkeys. (Greg Wagner, NebraskaLand Magazine)

Featured Species

The Refuge is home to a variety of wildlife, including white-tailed deer, western meadowlarks, prairie grouse and wild turkeys, as well as many other species of birds.