Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice
Although most refuge lands and outdoor spaces have remained open for the public to enjoy, we ask that you do the following:

  • Check local conditions on this website and call ahead for current information. Operations vary based on local public health conditions.
  • Face masks are required in all federal buildings and on all federal lands.
  • Maintain a safe distance between yourself and other groups.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze
  • Most importantly, stay home if you feel sick


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    Refuge Auto Tour and Hiking Trails

    3 mile driving loop and hiking trails.

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    Federal Recreation Passes

    Refuge is unable to issue at this time.


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    Horicon Marsh Visitor Centers

    Horicon Marsh has three visitor centers, one federal, one state and one non-profit.

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    Monarchs On the Move

    The monarchs have left their wintering grounds in Mexico. Future generations of monarchs will make their way back to us this spring.

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    New Hunting Opportunities

    The Horicon National Wildlife Refuge is expanding their hunt program.

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Public Use Information

Facilities Updates

Public Notice: Fire crews will be starting spring prescribed burn season so facilities may be closed periodically. Please check ahead before your visit. Refuge auto tour off Hwy 49 is open to vehicles. Visitor Center: currently closed to the public. Discovery Trail open for hiking and porta potty available. Main Dike Rd: now open to vehicles as well as hiking and bicycling (bicycling conditions are currently rough due to recent roadwork) Old Marsh Rd: currently closed to hiking and bicycling for spring bird migration. (April 23-25th Old Marsh Rd Special Opening to Hiking & Bicycling in honor of Earth Day) Refuge remains open for fishing at bank fishing locations (Main Dike Road, Ledge Road, and Peachy Road). See maps for more information. Please remember to practice social distancing and avoid trails and parking areas that may be experiencing higher visitor use. Stay local, stay safe and enjoy! For more information email or call 920-387-2658.

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Birding Information

Horicon National Wildlife Refuge Spring 2021 Migration Report 4/14/2021 This is week five of waterbird surveys at the refuge for the spring migration. Dabbling ducks were the most numerous waterfowl group this week. Their numbers total about 8,000 on this week’s survey. Three species, Northern shoveler, green-winged teal, and gadwall had numbers over 1,000. Blue-winged teal, American wigeon, and mallards were seen in the hundreds. Other dabblers seen in small groups included Northern pintail, American black duck, and wood duck. Diving duck numbers increased this week to 4,500. Eight different species were seen this week. Ruddy ducks were the most numerous at over 2,500. Ring-neck ducks, scaup, redheads, and buffleheads were seen in the hundreds. A couple small flocks of canvasbacks were spotted. Only a couple common mergansers and hooded mergansers were seen. Canada geese dropped considerably to about 3,500 this week – down from about 23,000 birds last week. Other sightings to note: •Forster’s terns were seen around the auto tour route. •Shorebirds sightings were most numerous around the auto tour loop. Sandpipers and yellowlegs were seen on the mudflats. Several pairs of black-necked stilts have been hanging out there, as well. •More than 30 bald eagles are still hanging around in the unit along Ledge Road. •Great egret and great blue heron sightings are becoming more frequent. •Often heard but not seen, bitterns and rails are back. Virginia rails and soras were heard. You might even hear the “pump-er-lunk” of an American bittern. Ledge Road is still the “hotspot” and offers the most species for viewing .Travel down the west section of road that enters the marsh and look along the north side. Seventeen different species of waterbirds were counted – you may see even more. Large flocks of diving ducks were seen on the south side of Hwy 49 and on Main Dike Road (the 2 lane gravel road that enters the middle of the marsh) look on the north side of the road in the large open water area you will see rafts of ruddy ducks, scaup, and ring-neck ducks.

2021 Waterbird Blog April 14
Location / Hours

Location & Hours

Horicon National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters/Visitor Center W4279 Headquarters Rd. Mayville, WI 53050. Phone: 920-387-2658 Refuge public use areas are open daily from dawn to dusk. Visitor Center - CURRENTLY CLOSED to the public due to COVID. Please note that America the Beautiful Passes(annual,senior,access etc. are unable to be issued at our facility at this time. Please visit to purchase or call ahead to federal sites you plan to visit.

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