Facility Activities

Refuge Highlights:

  • Our Scenic Overlook, located on route 3A prior to the refuge entrance, offers unrivaled views overlooking the refuge and beyond. On a clear day the neighboring island of Luta (Rota) may be visible just off in the distance.
  • The Nature Center features interpretive murals depicting Guam’s natural environment before European contact 500+ years ago.
  • Visitors can explore 2 miles of trails through the majestic jungle and historic coconut grove, along which they can see a Spanish stone well, latte stones, and the site of the historic Spanish church, Casa Real.
  • Ritidian’s beautiful white-sand beach invites visitors to relax and enjoy its crystal clear waters. Note: There are no lifeguards on duty. Swim at your own risk. For visitors' safety, we ask that you use personal flotation devices for water activities, stay close to shore, avoid cuts in the reef, be aware of rip currents and what to do if you get caught in one, and do NOT go beyond the reef.
  • Visitors can participate in tours, including a cave tour to view pictographs, ancient pottery pieces and latte stones—a symbol of the Native Chamorro (Chamoru) people—and a tour an ancient latte village to experience an ancient Chamorro (Chamoru) village, untouched since the seventeenth century. See Events for upcoming tour dates.

Rod-and-reel, spearfishing with snorkel only, and talaya (traditional cast net) are approved types of fishing in public beach areas. During low tide in summer, anglers access the reef’s edge to cast or spear at the fore reef. Rough seas during winter make fishing at the reef’s edge dangerous,...