Countless black-striped white reef fish swim in the blue ocean.

Rod-and-reel, spearfishing with snorkel only, and talaya (traditional cast net) are approved types of fishing in public beach areas. During low tide in summer, anglers access the reef’s edge to cast or spear at the fore reef. Rough seas during winter make fishing at the reef’s edge dangerous, and it is not permitted. Reef fish that are commonly caught include tiao (goatfish), kichu (convict tang), laggua (parrotfish), and tataga’ (bluespine unicornfish). Gamson (octopus) and aliling (Trochus sp.) are commonly collected invertebrates. The harvest of giant clams (Tridacna sp.) is not allowed. No boats permitted within the refuge. The refuge boundary extends to the 30-meter depth contour.

Laws, rules, and regulations