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Refuge New Facilities Surveys and Access Update

As a national defense priority, the U.S. Navy is establishing a new live fire training range complex at Anderson Air Force Base. As the complex’s surface danger zone (SDZ) overlays a portion of the Ritidian Unit of the Guam National Wildlife Refuge (GNWR), the U.S. Departments of Navy and the Interior were mandated by law (FY2015 National Defense Authorization Act, Public Law No. 113-291) to relocate existing refuge facilities on the Ritidian Unit of the Guam National Wildlife Refuge.

Headquarters Marine Corps is conducting initial survey work and developing an Environmental Assessment to analyze the potential environmental effects of the proposed construction of replacement facilities, infrastructure, and access at the Ritidian Unit. GNWR staff are working with the Marine Corps to avoid, minimize, and mitigate potential adverse effects to these historic properties through avoidance and site design.

For the safety of visitors to Ritidian, it is anticipated that access to public areas may be affected until survey work is complete in 2024. Please continue to monitor the Guam National Wildlife Refuge’s website for additional information during this period. Specific information of the survey work, and refuge access areas impacted can be found on this infographic.

All questions regarding survey work should be directed to the Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz, Communication Strategy and Operations Office at (671) 362-7371 or

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