Three visitors, an adult male and two children, using binoculars and looking out from a viewing platform within the DeSoto Visitor Center.

DeSoto National Wildlife refuge offers great birding year round. The visitor center viewing windows provide great birding of waterfowl and bald eagles during the spring, fall and winter season. Bird feeders are stocked daily at the visitor center and provide good “backyard” birding opportunities. The auto tour route, Bob Starr Wildlife Overlook and refuge trails are also great ways to explore the Missouri River floodplain habitat and the tremendous diversity of birds that utilize the refuge habitat.

 ALL waterfowl hunting is PROHIBITED on DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge.

DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge Fall 2023 Bird Count
Canada Geese38216534510261222126427474025   
Cackling Geese0000013013   
Greater White-fronted Geese003090169196124475615   
Snow Geese000005115   
Trumpeter Swan000000298   
Ross' Geese00000000   
Total Geese38216537511161391324352079756   
American Black Duck00000000   
American Wigeon575800013   
Northern Pintail14710502551220307612245112   
Green-winged Teal8054010009303440520723453637   
Blue-winged Teal44518042300000   
Cinnamon Teal00000000   
Northern Shoveler0151030693522   
Wood Duck962046977243650   
Red Head00000000   
Ring-necked Duck000010000   
Greater Scaup00003800   
Lesser Scaup000000943   
Common Goldeneye000000943   
Ruddy duck00000200   
Hooded Merganser00001639616   
Common Merganser0000027882   
Red-breasted Merganser00000000   
Total Ducks80823261892439915146166901758821206   
American Coot4530050201010   
American Avocet00001001   
Great Blue Heron40110100   
Pied-billed Grebe20023000   
Red-necked Grebe00000000   
Horned Grebe00002100   
American White Pelican2081560015300   
White-faced Ibis00041000   
Double-crested Cormorant03041000   
Bonaparte's Gull00008000   
Franklin's Gull000001178   
Ring-billed Gull00000000   
Greater Yellow Legs00000000   
Great Egret00010000   
Wilson's Snipe00005100   
Eagles - Adults43213769   
Eagles - Immatures1202541313   
Golden Eagle00000000   
Total Eagles55238111922   
Total Birds145425442330558016601199612281631063