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    Lead exposure and poisoning occurs at high percentages in bald eagles found dead in the Midwest.

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    Interested in sharing your work and learning more about photography? They welcome you to join them on the second Wednesday of every month!

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    Federal Duck Stamp

    Sherburne and 300+ other refuges have been purchased/expanded with Duck Stamp Dollars! The Duck Stamp is available at Headquarters.

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    National Wildlife Refuge System

    Sherburne is only one of over 560 refuges in the US. This map shows the network of public land dedicated to protecting habitat for wildlife!

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Refuge Updates

Refuge Seeking Comment

The refuge is seeking public comment through December 1, 2019 on a draft compatibility determination for Photography and Wildlife Observation. Comments may be mailed or emailed to the refuge manager. Contact information and copies of the plan are available at Sherburne's Refuge Headquarters, by emailing Sherburne@fws.gov or by following the link below to our Conservation Page.

Conservation Page

Fall Sandhill Crane Migration

In late September, migrating flocks begin to arrive at the refuge from their northern breeding area. By the middle of October, the refuge hosts thousands of cranes as they roost at night in refuge wetlands, and then fly out to area croplands to forage during the day. During the day, cranes are being spotted west of the refuge in the general area of County Road 16 and Highway 25 in recently harvested farm fields. Sunrise/sunset viewing of cranes flying overhead is best at the approach near the junction of 40th Street and 175th Ave on the western boundary of the refuge. CRANE COUNTS: 10/10, 2,264; 10/16, 3,465; 10/25: 4,930; 10/31: 14,578; 11/6: 11,783.

Sandhill Crane Viewing Brochure

Recent Sightings and Guides

Are you wondering what you will see while visiting Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge? Check our Recent Sightings and Guides page to see sightings recorded by staff and visitors using eBird or iNaturalist. Electronic field guides specific to the refuge can also be found here.

Recent Sightings and Guides
Refuge Map, Trails & Regulations

Refuge Regulations and Map

Click below to download a map of the refuge, our trails and important information to know before you visit. The Prairie's Edge Wildlife Drive and Brande Road are open for the season! They will close when winter weather warrants.

Public Use Regulations and Map

Hunting Regulations & Map

Hunting Regulations & Map

The refuge offers waterfowl, small game and deer hunting during state seasons. Click below to download the regulations and map for details. 2018 UPDATE: Brande Rd. entrance off CR 9 is open Sept. 1 until winter closure and will be maintained for vehicle access to Long Pool through firearm deer season. Following that it will close when weather warrants.

Sherburne Hunting Regulations & Map

About the NWRS

National Wildlife Refuge System


The National Wildlife Refuge System, within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, manages a national network of lands and waters set aside to conserve America's fish, wildlife, and plants.

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