Handbooks explain how to comply with directives. We use them to convey good and acceptable practices and procedures. We authorize handbooks through the Fish and Wildlife Service Manual, and you can find cross references to many of our handbooks in the Manual chapters.

Following are the handbooks that are available online:

TitleHandbook Link/FileDateReference
Aquatic Animal Health Procedures and Protocols Handbook2022
Best Management Practices Handbook for the Conservation of Range-Limited American Plains Bison2024
Bridge Inspection Handbook2014
Coastal Program Handbook2021
Conservation Easement Handbook2022
Constructed Real Property Handbook2016
Construction Inspection Handbook (579 KB)2004
Dive Operations Handbook2022
Eagle Handling and Distribution Handbook2020
Employees on the Move (PCS) HandbookJune 2017
Endangered Species Consultation Handbook1998N/A
Federal Duck Stamp Program Handbook2003
Federal Wildlife Officer Dress Code, Grooming, and Personal Protective Equipment Handbook2022
Fire Management and Invasive Plants - A Handbook2009N/A
Fire Management HandbookNot dated
FWS Critical Incident Stress Management Handbook2019
Habitat Conservation Planning and Incidental Take Permit Processing Handbook2016N/A
Handbook on Publishing Documents in the Federal Register2022
Heavy Equipment and Off-Road Utility Vehicle (ORUV) Safety Training Handbook2016
Heavy Equipment Utilization and Replacement Handbook2015
Honor Guard Operational Handbook2019
Hours of Work and Leave Handbook2024
Information Management and Technology (IMT) Project Review and Approval Handbook2022
Land Survey Handbook2015
Line of Duty Death (LODD): Response Handbook2013N/A
Mapping and Cadastral Geographic Information System (GIS) Handbook2018
Migratory Bird Permitting Handbook2024
Mosquito Management on National Wildlife Refuges2018N/A
National Aviation Management Plan (NAMP)2023
National Canine Unit Manual2023
National Environmental Policy Act Handbook (Federal Assistance)(635 KB)2000N/A
NEPA for National Wildlife Refuges: A Handbook2014N/A
Personnel Suitability and Security Handbook2022
Phased Retirement Handbook2020
Position Management and Position Classification Handbook2023
Preplanning Guidance for CCPs: A Handbook2006N/A
Privacy Program Handbook2024
Procedures, Roles and Responsibilities Associated with Native Endangered and Threatened Species Permits and Delegation of Permit Signature Authority2014
Radio Handbook2016
Real Property Financial Management Handbook2010
Sign Handbook (Signage Policy and Guidance)2019
Space Management Handbook2012
Survey Protocol Handbook: How to Develop Survey Protocols2014
Tribal Consultation Handbook2018
U.S. Mail Management Handbook2012
Visitor Services Standards: A Handbook for Evaluating Visitor Services Programs2011N/A
Writing Refuge Management Goals and Objectives: A Handbook (614 KB)2004

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