USFWS Leadership Competency Development Model

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a long and proud tradition of achieving our mission through scientific excellence and leadership. The Service has maintained its preeminent role in these areas by “growing leadership” through employee development. As a continuation of this heritage, the Service’s Leadership Competency Model has been developed to assist with the continuous learning efforts of our employees, and to guide employees at all levels and in all functions toward excellence in addressing the Service’s mission.

The Service’s Leadership Competency Model is provided in response to employee interest in knowing what skills or experiences are needed in order to succeed in leadership positions, and also in response to the Service Directorate’s commitment to ensure that our agency continues to have a cadre of employees who are prepared for advancement to senior conservation leadership positions. The Model identifies attributes that an employee should obtain, at whatever his or her level or job in the Service, to enhance readiness for positions of greater responsibility. This Model also enhances and complements the scientific and natural resources management knowledge and skills that remain critical to employee performance and success in conservation leadership.