Tuition Types

A table showing participant types and tuition.
Participant TypeTuition
FWS/NPS EmployeesTuition fees are not charged.
FWS Contractors & VolunteersTuition fees are the responsibility of the contracting agency or the sponsoring office.
All Other ParticipantsTuition fees are charged.


A table showing Tuition/Fees
Tuition/Fees (Effective
Course DurationCourse TypeTuitionLab Fee/*Technical Assistance Fee
1 day or lessSynchronous (Instructor Led)$199.00$239.00
2 daysSynchronous (Instructor Led)$398.00$478.00
3 daysSynchronous (Instructor Led)$597.00$717.00
4 daysSynchronous (Instructor Led)$796.00$956.00
5 daysSynchronous (Instructor Led)$995.00$1,195.00
2 weeksSynchronous (Instructor Led)$1,990.00$2,390.00
3 weeks or moreSynchronous (Instructor Led)$2,985.00
Online self study with assessmentAsynchronous$50.00
Broadcasts/Webinars/Independent Study$0.00

*A technical assistance fee may apply for those classes that require specialized software or technical support.

Payment Information

All non-DOI employees are required to pay a tuition fee when ‘Training Tuition Costs’ is displayed in the DOI Talent Catalog. NCTC prefers the receipt of payment via PAY.GOV with the use of a credit card. To avoid the cancellation of your enrollment, payment is due 45 calendar days prior to the start of your class.

If you cannot pay using a credit card, please email for other payment options. When applicable, payment may be made in a variety of ways:

  • Credit Card: ** NCTC accepts online credit card payments for tuition. **
    You will receive information on how to pay upon confirmation of your enrollment from the course contact.
  • Purchase Order:
    If paying by purchase order, please submit a copy of this order to, along with supporting documentation specifying the following:
  • Inter/Intra-Agency Agreement (IAA):
    To initiate an IAA, please submit an SF-182 to, along with supporting documentation specifying the following:
  • Treasury Account Symbol (TAS)
  • Agency Location Code (ALC)
  • Tax ID number
  • DUNS number (What is a D-U-N-S Number)
  • Fund Citation / Account number

    If paying using an IAA, the funding will be collected via an IPAC (Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection System)

  • Credit Card: Pre-paid Tuition Vouchers:
    • Can be purchased for use in a future class TBD at a later date.
    • Are valid/redeemable for two years for the date of purchase. Contact to purchase these vouchers. In your email subject line please type "training vouchers"

Contact to purchase these vouchers. In your email subject line please type "training vouchers".

Cancellation Policy

All course applicants, including FWS personnel, who cancel their reservation 30 calendar days or less, prior to the start of a class and fail to provide a substitute, are charged in full for tuition, NCTC guest room and meal costs. Please contact the Course Contact listed above if you need to cancel 30 calendar days or less.

Cancellation Process: If you are a DOI employee and need to cancel your registration more than 30 calendar days before the start of the class, you must go into your DOI Talent account to cancel your booking. Please login to DOI Talent, click on the 'My Learning' dropdown, select 'My Bookings', click on the name of the course you would like to drop, scroll down to your session and click 'Cancel booking' under Options. If you are an external employee, please cancel your attendance here, along with the information above.

Online Courses: NCTC synchronous online course applicants, including Service employees, who cancel their enrollment 30 calendar days or less prior to the start of a class and fail to provide a substitute, or, who fail to show at all, or fail to complete all required class sessions and assignments, are charged in full for tuition (if applicable). 

All tuition and cancellation-related questions may be directed to or you may call (304) 870-7101.

Billing Contact Information

Billing Address

Training Admin Branch
698 Conservation Way
Shepherdstown, WV 25443

(Do not send credit card numbers or other sensitive information via e-mail)


(304) 870-7101


Tax ID #: 530201504
DUNS #: 151157950