Registering for a NCTC Class through DOI Talent

NCTC uses a web-based learning management system called DOI TALENT to register students for NCTC classes.

All Department of Interior Employees, Contractors and Volunteers

DOI User with DOI Access card (PIV card), on government furnished equipment:

  • Log into into your computer using your DOI Access Card and PIN.
  • Open an Internet Browser window using Chrome or Edge. Do not use Internet Explorer 11.
  • Copy and paste this URL into the address bar:

Having Trouble Logging into DOI Talent?

Contact the DOI Talent help desk at:

External Learners

PIV card holders:

DOI Employees, Contractors, or anyone else with a DOI Access ID (PIV Card): DO NOT request a new account.

New accounts are created on a nightly basis.  You will receive an email when your account is created. Please visit the DOI Talent Home page for more information.

Not affiliated with DOI?

We offer many training opportunities to private, state, not-for-profit, tribal, and other federal government agencies.

External, Non-DOI affiliated customers:

Were you notified of a DOI-sponsored training opportunity that interests you? You can request an account to register. See the New Account Request Instructions. All account approvals are performed manually. We will review your request within 5 business days. If you have questions about the status of your account you may email

Note: DOI routinely deactivates accounts not used 18 months or longer.  If you have attended past training with NCTC, it is likely an account exists. To reactivate your account, please contact the FWS Data Steward Office at