Planning and Consultation Tools in Alabama
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State Agency Project Review 
  • Please contact the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for review
Conservation Measures 
Endangered Species Act Project Review and Section 7 Section 7
Section 7 Consultation The Endangered Species Act (ESA) directs all Federal agencies to work to conserve endangered and threatened species and to use their authorities to further the purposes of the Act. Section 7 of the Act, called "Interagency Cooperation," is the mechanism by which Federal agencies ensure the actions they take, including those they fund or authorize, do not jeopardize the existence of any listed species.

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Consultation Tools 
  • Information for Planning and Consultation ( IPaC IPaC
    Information for Planning and Consultation (IPaC) is a project planning tool that streamlines the USFWS environmental review process

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     ) - Training Video: IPaC Extended Overview
  • IPaC determination keys currently available for Alabama: Northern long-eared bat, Multi-state Indiana bat, Wood stork (coming soon)
  • IPaC Consultation Package Builder provides an interactive, step-by-step process to help you prepare a biological assessment leveraging U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service data and recommendations, including conservation measures designed to help you avoid or minimize effects to listed species.  See Demo.
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