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About Jessica Radich

Jessica holding gopher tortoise
Meet Jessica Radich! 

Jessica is a fish biologist at Warm Springs National Fish Hatchery (NFH) in Georgia.   

How would you describe your conservation work to someone you just met?  

Utilizing hatchery propagation for the recovery and restoration of fish and wildlife species in their native habitat.  

What does conservation mean to you?  

The preservation of a habitat and the species that reside there to persist into the future so that generations to come may experience its beauty and benefit.  

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your work? 

Seeing the fruits of your labor! Being able to produce an at-risk species at the hatchery, release it into the wild, and later see that species thriving in its natural habitat when you return to monitor them is the most rewarding feeling.  

Do you have a memorable moment on the job?  

Releasing head-started gopher tortoises into the wild was one of the most memorable moments. After being raised from eggs and grown out for over a year, we released 60 juvenile tortoises onto a wildlife management area wildlife management area
For practical purposes, a wildlife management area is synonymous with a national wildlife refuge or a game preserve. There are nine wildlife management areas and one game preserve in the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Learn more about wildlife management area
protected by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.  

What led to your career choice?  

My upbringing had the greatest influence on my career choice. I spent my childhood exploring the outdoors especially creeks, rivers, and the ocean. I became a scuba diver at age 13 and wanted to spend the rest of my life underwater.  

What’s your favorite aquatic species?  

Leatherback sea turtle  

Where did you go to school?  

Stockton University, New Jersey

To find available fish biologist jobs, go to Search “0482” Filter by “U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service” or “Department of the Interior.”  Position requires a degree with a major in biological sciences or a combination of education and experience. Details about education and experience requirements.  Specific requirements are detailed in individual job listings.

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