The Office of Law Enforcement is composed of special agents, wildlife inspectors, intelligence analysts, forensic scientists, information technology specialists, and support staff who investigate wildlife crimes, regulate the wildlife trade, help the public understand and obey wildlife protections laws, and work in partnership with international, federal, state, local, and Tribal counterparts to conserve wildlife resources.

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OLE Public Bulletin- Canadian Anguilla rostrata (American Eel) Elver Season Closure 05-02-2024

OLE Public Bulletin- Amendments adopted at CoP19 entered into force 11-28-23.pdf

OLE Public Bulletin - Revision of 50 CFR Part 12 Seizures and Forfeitures 8-22-23

Work With Us

If you need immediate assistance with fishing or hunting violations, please contact your state fish and wildlife enforcement agency or local police. If you have information about any other wildlife crime, please follow the link below, or call: 1-844-397-8477. 

Please do not leave reports requesting assistance for injured wildlife/birds. You can learn more about what to do with injured or orphaned wildlife here

Report a wildlife crime

Rewards Program:
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is authorized to pay rewards for information or assistance that leads to an arrest, a criminal conviction, civil penalty assessment, or forfeiture of seized property. Payment of rewards is the discretion of the Service and is linked to specific federal wildlife laws. The amount of any reward we may pay is commensurate with the information or assistance received. Please discuss the possibility of receiving a reward with the Service personnel receiving your information or assistance.