13th Festival of Pacific Arts & Culture in Hawaiʻi, June 6–16 2024

The Festival of Pacific Arts & Culture (FestPac) 2024 will be taking place in Hawaii this year from June 6-16. FestPac is the world’s largest celebration of indigenous Pacific Islanders and has been hosted by different Pacific Island nations on a rotational basis since 1972. 

If you are traveling to Hawaii for FestPac, please be aware that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regulates the international movement of all fish and wildlife items and products, into and out of the U.S. Items made with feathers, skins, shells or any other parts or products of wildlife are regulated and may require Fish and Wildlife Service declaration, Import/Export Licenses and or special import/export permits such as CITES permits, Migratory Bird Permits or others. For more information, please see the importers and exporters page on our website, or contact the Honolulu Fish and Wildlife Service Inspection Office Phone: (808) 861-8525 Email: fwsole_honolulu@fws.gov.

For more information about FestPac 2024 please visit their website here

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Information about permits - ePermits 

Questions about CITES permits- managementauthority@fws.gov

Online Declarations- eDecs

License applications- eLicense

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