A brown river otter sticks out of the water near a rock and some branches with an inquisitive look

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge protects habitats that wildlife, both animals and plants, need to survive. This makes the refuge an outstanding place for wildlife watching and observation! Many ducks, geese and other waterfowl find sanctuary in the refuge during spring and fall migration. Large flocks of shorebirds gather along the sandy and mudflat shorelines throughout the fall, winter and spring months. The Refuge is also home to a wide variety of other wildlife, including mammals, amphibians, insects, and songbirds. The best time of day to view wildlife is in the early morning or early evening.

A variety of plants are available for observation during all seasons, from small flowering plants such as trilliums to large towering tress such as old growth cedar. The large amount of rainfall throughout the year provides optimal conditions for a variety of ferns. Plants put on a different show each season, changing the color of the landscape from rich golds to bright greens.