A large brown elk with small antlers stands amidst green trees and plants

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge contains 17,000 acres of uplands and tidelands divided into several management units. All State of Washington hunting regulations apply in addition to all federal and special Refuge regulations. Trapping and baiting are prohibited. All hunting on the refuge is free of charge.


South Bay: Includes designated portions of Riekkola, Porter Point, and Lewis. Access from 67th Place or by boat from Willapa Bay. Parker Slough is the western boundary for hunting in the South Bay. Please refer to brochure below: "Goose Hunt Area" is open to all waterfowl hunting (geese and ducks) on designated days and is described as such to showcase what is likely to be in the area given the habitat type. The "Goose Hunt Area" is freshwater grassland, while the "Waterfowl Hunt Area" is tidal marsh. 

Leadbetter Point: Open to waterfowl, coot and snipe hunting. Hunting may occur 150 yards north of the yellow/Bearberry Trail.   

Long Island:  A Proclamation Boundary surrounds the waters of Long Island. These waters within the Proclamation Boundary, as well as the island, are closed to waterfowl hunting.  

Big Game

Nemah (GMU 673): Includes the parcel northeast and across the Naselle River from Stanley Point. This area is accessed by boat only from Willapa Bay or Naselle River. 

East Hills (GMU 681): Teal Slough to Bear River: Area around Art and Cutthroat Climb Trails and immediately north of Bear River are closed. There is private property north of Greenhead Slough to Omeara Point. Access to the southeastern most portion of the Refuge requires boat access. 

South Bay (GMU 684): Includes designated portions of the Riekkola, Porter Point, and Lewis. Access from 67th Place or by boat from Willapa Bay. Firearms restriction: the use of centerfire or rimfire rifles is prohibited. 

Leadbetter Point: This unit allows regulated early muzzleloader elk season only, no other big game hunting is allowed on the unit. A WDFW permit/ hunt-by-reservation is required for the early muzzleloader elk season (available 14 days prior to opening day): application for the WDFW Hunt-By-Reservation permit.  Find more information about this hunt on the Washington Depart of Fish and Wildlife Leadbetter Point site. Hunting may occur 150 yards north of the yellow/Bearberry Trail. Firearms must remain unloaded on the trail and hunters should be aware that the unit is also open to hiking along the established trails and along the ocean beach.

Long Island (GMU 699): Hunting firearms and dogs are prohibited on the island. Check local tide conditions. Access the campgrounds at 6 feet or higher tide. Long Island is ARCHERY ONLY, Hunters may hunt deer during modern firearm season, but must possess a valid modern firearm big game license and use archery equipment. Please see our Camping page for information regarding camping on Long Island. Campground reservations required September 2 - 21, 2023.

Hunting on Private Lands: For information visit the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's Private Lands Hunting Access page.