Two people boating in a canoe with shoreline in background.

Eelgrass beds, quiet inlets and diverse shorelines await boaters on Willapa Bay. From the water there is an abundance of wildlife watching, including raptors, elk, bear, great blue herons, and flocks of waterfowl and shorebirds.

Launch sites are available from the Refuge in two locations: near the Headquarters Building on 67th Place off of Parker Slough Trail (non-motorized only), and on the eastside of the Bay on Hwy 101 just after mile marker 24. Additional launch sites in the area are: Nahcotta Mooring Basin on the Long Beach Peninsula, and in Bay Center.

South Bay Tidelands

Launch directly into the newly restored tidelands in the southernmost part of Willapa Bay. Take Parker Slough to Tarlatt Slough (approx. 1.3mi one-way), or continue out into the Bay (at least 1.5mi one-way). Use of the launch is ideal at a 7.5ft incoming tide. Check out the latest tide chart.

*Note: Hunting occurs in the tidelands between Oct 1 - Feb 10.

Long Island

The nearest access to Long Island is from the boat launch on the eastside of the Bay on Hwy 101 just after mile marker 24. Use of the launch is best at a 6ft incoming tide. It is a 1/4 mile one-way from the launch to the ferry landing where you can access the trail system. A trip to Diamond Point is approximately 6 1/2 miles traveling north from the launch. A trip around Long Island is approximately 16 miles. Check out the latest tide chart.

Please be prepared! Boaters should use caution as tides and weather heavily influence this shallow bay. High winds can cause dangerous water conditions. Low tides can leave boaters stranded on soft mud. We recommend boaters carry up-to-date tide charts, technology to access current weather reports, emergency equipment, spare batteries, and reliable communication devices as cellular service is not guaranteed. Be sure to haul-up boats above high tide marks and secure boats if leaving them on shore. Be aware of and respect private lands and tidelands.

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