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Chicken Creek Restoration Underway

Beginning July 2019, Chicken Creek restoration will commence. This re-establishment will improve habitat for fish and wildlife.

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Get Involved at Your Refuge


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This new resource is designed to keep you informed about all of the current and upcoming habitat and public access improvements happening at the Tualatin River NWR Complex. The Friends and USFWS have teamed up to create refuge2020.info. This platform will be your #1 resource for the what, when, how, and why of these projects.

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Become a Refuge Friend

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Where would any of us be without friends. Nowhere is that more true than at the Refuge. From restoration, to education, to being the smiling face to greet you at the Wildlife Center, The Friends of Tualatin River NWR are as much the face of the Refuge as the critters. Check them out today!

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Volunteers Make a Difference

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Giving the gift of time could not be easier, or more enjoyable at Tualatin River NWR. Volunteers help kids connect with nature, restore habitat, monitor wildlife populations, and assist with day-to-day activities, all while having a lot of fun.

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Who's Been Visiting the Refuge

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Find out what birds visitors have been seeing at the Refuge over the past two weeks. Powered by eBird.

Who's Been Visiting the Refuge?
Opportunity at the Refuge

Cooperative Farming Opportunity

Coop Farming

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is seeking an agricultural producer or producers for Cooperative Agricultural Agreements at Wapato Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Gaston, OR.

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About the Complex

Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge is managed as part of the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

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About the NWRS

National Wildlife Refuge System


The National Wildlife Refuge System, within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, manages a national network of lands and waters set aside to conserve America's fish, wildlife, and plants.

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