Laws and Regulations

  • Refuge Hours: Trails and parking lot are open daily from dawn until dusk for approved activities.
  • Closed areas: Obey signs and do not venture into closed areas; Tualatin River NWR has many visitor opportunities, so please stay within public open areas.
  • Pets: Pets are prohibited at the refuge in order to maintain habitat and to minimize disturbances to wildlife.
  • Biking and Running: The designated trails are for walking only; activities such as running and biking are not allowed at our refuge, in order to minimize human impact on wildlife and create less disturbance.
  • Collecting: Collecting of any kind is not permitted;
  • Wildlife Handling: Do not pick up any wildlife under any circumstances. While young animals may appear to be abandoned, there is a high chance that their parents are nearby.
  • Drones: Operating drones on the refuge is not permitted; drones can be disturbing to wildlife.
  • Other Prohibited Activities: No fires, fireworks, fishing or unauthorized hunting at our refuge. Additionally, camping and overnight parking is not permitted.