A brown sign with ducks on the side of a road that reads Pajaro Observation Blind

Bridge construction is nearing completion. We hope to open on time. Check back for updates as May 15 draws closer. 

Marshland Wildlife Drive and Fishing Loop Vehicle Restrictions

The Marshland Wildlife Drive (7 miles) and Fishing Loop (8.5 miles) are one-way, narrow, winding roads. These roads are not appropriate for all vehicles. Size restrictions are:

  • Vehicles over 28 feet are not allowed on the drive.
  • If your wheelbase is over 234 inches you will not be able to make the turns.
  • Turning radius needs to be 45 degrees.
  • Vehicle width cannot exceed 9 feet.
  • We trim trees to ensure that there is an 11 foot clearance along the drive, if your vehicle is taller you should not take the drive.

Marshland Wildlife Drive

Enjoy a drive through the refuge. This seven-mile, one-way, auto tour route is open from May 15 to Oct. 20 from dawn to dusk and takes visitors through wetlands and forests. Three observation decks and numerous pools make this drive a great wildlife watching opportunity. The tour route does not accommodate large recreational vehicles. Common sites on the driving tour include common loons, trumpeter swans, muskrat, beaver, ring-necked ducks, sandhill cranes, bald eagles, osprey and many other species.

Fishing Loop

The Fishing Loop is an optional 3.5-mile add on to the Marshland Wildlife Drive. Although you bypass about 1 mile of the Marshland Wildlife Drive the Fishing Loop offers visitors a more diverse view of the landscape. It is a wonderful place to watch for painted and snapping turtles, beaver, muskrat, sandhill cranes, secretive marsh birds like the American bittern, sora and Virginia rail, sharp-tailed grouse, osprey and numerous other animals. Open May 15 to Sept. 30. In Oct. the loop is closed to pedestrian traffic, as well as vehicles, to allow migrating birds a safe, quiet place to rest and refuel during their fall migration.