Adult male loon in summer plumage in water with two young
Show Pool Shelter Improvement Project

We are updating the Show Pool Shelter along M77 to address structural deficiencies and improve functionality for visitors. These actions aim to reduce future vandalism, and other inappropriate uses, and make a more usable space for visitors. Learn more about the project.

The Seney National Wildlife Refuge and its Whitefish Point Unit are nestled in the eastern portion of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Slow down, relax and unwind as you enjoy winding roads, beautiful vistas and the local wildlife that populate these forests, wetlands and waters. These tracts of land are a birders paradise with abundant populations of trumpeter swans, common loons, osprey, bald eagles and hundreds of other bird species. Visitors may spot red fox, deer, bear, porcupine, fisher or other mammals on or near the refuge. So, stop by and enjoy your public lands.
This rendering shows a birdseye view the main entry of the new visitor center and office.
Visitor Center, Marshland Wildlife Drive and Fishing Loop Open for the Season

The visitor center, Marshland Wildlife Drive and Fishing Loop are open for the season. The temporary visitor center is open off of River Road south of Germfask from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We are closed federal holidays (June Wednesday 19th for Juneteenth and Independence Day). We will close again on October 20, 2024. Seney National Wildlife Refuge was fortunate enough to be one of the recipients of the Great American Outdoor Act Funds. These funds will allow us to complete much needed work on several refuge structures which have been on a maintenance backlog. Due to the improvements portions of the refuge may be closed. Learn more...

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The refuge offers people a chance to unplug and relax. Locals can enjoy regular trips to the refuge and enjoy the change of seasons. Travelers can stop in during their long trek across the Upper Peninsula and stretch their legs by taking a walk, dogs are welcome. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the wide variety of activities available at the refuge. Stop in at the visitor center and seeing the exhibits. Shop for refuge gear and books at the Marshland Bookstore. Observe and photograph wildlife. Go to fishing and hunting. Take in a program. Teachers bring your students for a field trip. Or grab a basket and come foraging for wild edibles.

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      Our Species

      Trumpter swan at Seney National Wildlife Refuge courtesy of John Hysell.

      The refuge's diversity of habitats provides homes for a wide array of life. As you explore look and listen. Many animals may be difficult to spot, but by watching for movement and signs, listening for sounds, driving or walking slowly and stopping frequently you can increase your viewing opportunities. The refuge provides habitat for a wide variety of life in multiple habitats. More than 200 species of birds, 26 species of fish, 50 species of mammals, 22 species of reptiles and amphibians and more than 420 plant species have been recorded on the refuge. What will you see when you visit?

      Our Library

      A structure that looks like two teepees connected by a roof with a stone fireplace in between.
      This library contains documents relating to the Show Pool Shelter decision at Seney National Wildlife Refuge. Included are the environmental assessment, finding of no significant impact, and other supporting documents.
      Seney National Wildlife Refuge General Brochure - Reduce Files Size

      The reduced file size of the general brochure for viewing on phones or for slow internet connections.

      Seney National Wildlife Refuge Bird Checklist

      Seney National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1935 for the protection and production of migratory birds and other wildlife. The refuge’s 95,238 acres include a rich mosaic of marshes, swamps, bogs, and forests, which provide habitat for over 200 species of birds. The refuge is known for its...

      The lighthouse at Whitefish Point in Michigan with a freighter on Lake Superior and Canada in the background.
      Documents relating to Whitefish Point in Michigan. These documents relate to the Whitefish Point Unit of Seney National Wildlife, Michigan Audubon Society's - Whitefish Point Bird Observatory or the Great Lakes Shipwreck Society.
      2013 Seney National Wildlife Refuge Habitat Management Plan

      The Seney National Wildlife Refuge Habitat Management Plan provides a long-term vision and specific guidance on managing habitats for the resources of concern at Kirtland Warbler Wildlife Management Area, to facilitate continuity in management programs. Refuge background, resources of concern,...

      2016 Seney National Wildlife Refuge and Satellites (Kirtland’s Warbler WMA, Harbor Island NWR, Huron NWR, and Michigan Islands NWR) Inventory and Monitoring Plan

      This Inventory and Monitoring Plan for Seney NWR and Satellites is a step-down from the Habitat Management Plan (HMP) and documents the inventory and monitoring surveys that will be conducted from 2016 through 2031, or until the refuge's Comprehensive Conservation Plan and HMP are revised. The...

      Hunt Brochure Seney National Wildlife Refuge

      This hunting brochure, published in 2023, is valid until a new version is released.

      Get Involved

      Seney National Wildlife Refuge has a thriving volunteer program with over 60 volunteers donating thousands of hours each year. However, new volunteers are needed each year to help us fulfill our mission. You can be a part of something great! Many volunteers staff the visitor center information desk and help visitors plan their day. They also staff activity booths during special events, lead school and nature programs, assist with fire management activities, conduct wildlife surveys, assist with maintenance projects and a variety of other tasks. Volunteers make a huge difference at the refuge! Whether you can volunteer for just an hour or throughout the year, all help is greatly appreciated.