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The refuge was created to safeguard migratory birds and wetland habitats. The refuge is home to a diversity of wildlife, including eastern population of tundra swans, geese, and ducks, and other migratory birds, black bears, endangered red wolves, otters, and white-tailed deer. Of the species on the refuge, 200 are birds; 40 are mammals, 40 are reptiles, and 36 are amphibians. The refuge’s large size and dense vegetation makes it a haven for species that avoid humans or are adapted to living in large tracts of forested habitat.

Side view of a red wolf, showing head and shoulders

As their name suggests, red wolves are known for the characteristic reddish color of their fur most apparent behind the ears and along the neck and legs, but are mostly brown and buff colored with some black along their backs. Intermediate in size to gray wolves and coyotes, the average adult...

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