An image of two people paddling in a canoe.

A paddling trip through the Okefenokee is an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Alligators glide through the dark brown water, herons and egrets wade through tall grasses and water lilies, and bears roam through hammocks and islands.

Okefenokee NWR is a haven for these and other animals — over 400,000 acres of wet prairies, cypress forests, and pine uplands. Most of the refuge is designated a National Wilderness Area.

There are opportunities for both day-use and overnight paddling trips in the Okefenokee NWR.  Visitors can bring and launch your own canoe/kayak or rent right here on site! Day-use paddling trails are accessible from the Main Entrance of the refuge (Suwannee Canal Recreation Area), the Stephen C. Foster State Park, Kingfisher Landing, and the Suwannee River Sill. Be sure to pick up a map before going out on the water trails and check in with staff on the latest trail conditions. Hours vary by season and location, so be sure to comply with all refuge regulations relating to hours of operation. 

For overnight camping permits, visit for more information or go to the Camping section of Visit Us.  Create a profile in BEFORE calling to make your reservation for a Wilderness Camping Permit.  Overnight Wilderness Camping Permits are available by calling (912) 496-3331 between 7 am and 10 am, Tuesday through Thursday (except federal holidays). Refer to the Overnight Camping Permits webpage for more information.