Harvey's Pond Fishing Pier and Lilly Pads

Warm water species such as northern pike, largemouth bass, bluegill, yellow perch, bullhead, and black crappie are found in refuge waters. Fishing is permitted in Sprague and Goose Pools, June 1-September 15 and December 15-March 15. Suk-Cerney Flowage is open year-round, except during the waterfowl hunting season.

Anglers fish the refuge in accordance with Wisconsin regulations as managed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The refuge's fishing brochure provides information on seasons, open and closed areas, and other refuge-specific regulations. The refuge has an accessible fishing pier on Harvey's Pond and on Goose Pool.

All refuge pools are managed as resting and feeding sites for migratory birds, so water levels are periodically lowered in the spring. This limits desirable fish species available in some fishing areas during drawdown periods.  

Laws, rules, and regulations