Laws and Regulations

Necedah National Wildlife Refuge welcomes visitors. We want you to enjoy your visit, while keeping the refuge in pristine condition for you, future guests and the wildlife and plants that call this area home. During your visit, we ask you to follow these regulations which help us ensure our mission.


Special use permits are issued for activities that support the refuge purposes and management plans. Contact the refuge visitor center for more information at 608-565-2551 or email at

Special use permit applications are required for:

  • Research
  • Firewood cutting
  • Trapping
  • Gun-deer hunters with state disability licensing
  • Commercial still and video photography

Trapping Occurs on this Refuge

Trapping is a wildlife management tool used on some national wildlife refuges. Trapping may be used to protect endangered and threatened species or migratory birds or to control certain wildlife populations. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service also views trapping as a legitimate recreational and economic activity when there are harvestable surpluses of fur-bearing mammals. Outside of Alaska, refuges that permit trapping as a recreational use may require trappers to obtain a refuge special use permit. Signs are posted on refuges where trapping occurs. Contact the refuge manager for specific regulations.