Woman dressed warmly in camouflage and standing in marsh reeds aims a shotgun into the air

There are many fine public duck hunting opportunities on national wildlife refuges nationwide, but certain hunting units at Modoc National Wildlife Refuge have some of the highest success rates on public marshes anywhere. In the high desert country of northeastern California, the refuge offers an oasis for thousands of migrating waterfowl each year. There are a variety of habitats on the hunt area, including dry and flooded grain fields, wet meadows, ponds and marshes. Hunters can easily hide in the dense stands of hardstem bulrushes (known locally as tules). Some ditches and marshes may have spots of deep water, so caution is advised when wading. A boat is not necessary and decoying is an effective method to hunt the refuge's Canada goose, mallard, wigeon and gadwall. A local working group of hunters meets once or twice a year to advise the refuge on how to make the hunting program even better, a great way for local sportsmen and women to give their input and recommendations.

The refuge offers Junior Pheasant Hunts, Junior Waterfowl Hunts, and an Opening Weekend Waterfowl Hunt.