Visit wildlife in their natural habitat as you explore the Missisquoi NWR trails.  You are a guest in their home so please be respectful and follow trail guidelines.  Trails are open to walking, snowshoeing, and xc skiing. During deer and waterfowl hunting season some trails will have advisories and closures. Call the refuge at (802) 868-4781 for the most up to date information.

Discovery Trail
1 mile (1.6 km) loop,  45 minutes
Starting at the Refuge Headquarters, follow this trail past ponds, through fields and into the woods. Walk along a gravel path, mowed trail, and boardwalks for an opportunity to see deer, red fox, coyote, songbirds and birds of prey.

Stephen J. Young Marsh Trail
1.25 mile (2 km) loop, 1 hour
Discover diverse habitats along this short path. Take in the colorful sights and distinctive smells of a  freshwater wetland.  Then head into the forest to look for owls, wood peckers and deer. Explore along a combination of gravel and mowed trail with elevated boardwalks. 

Mac’s Bend Road
2 mile (3.2 km) round trip,  1.25 hours
Explore the rivers edge as you meander along this gravel road leading you deeper into the refuge. Keep watch for bald eagles and osprey that nest in the floodplain forest and great blue herons that stalk the rivers edge. This road opens to vehicles from September through December.

Black Creek & Maquam Creek Trails
2.5 miles ( 4 km) round trip, 1.5 hours

No hunting allowed on or near trail

Follow the mowed trail over the railroad tracks into a forest with boardwalks and gravel paths.  Trails follow the creeks edge with chances to see beaver, muskrats, leopard frogs, and ducks.  Birds song and hammering woodpeckers surrounds you on the walk.

Old Railroad Passage Trail
3 miles (4.8 km) round trip. 2 hours
Follow an old railroad bed through a meadow looking  for bobolinks, field sparrows and meadowlarks Then pass through Maquam Bog—home to rare and unique plant species such as rhodera, pitch pine and the state threatened Virginia chain fern.  The trail ends in a forest near Maquam Bay.

Jeep Trail

4 miles (6.5 km) round trip, 3 hours

(Open August 1—April 1)

Walk quietly along this mowed trail and you may see a deer, mink or osprey within the peaceful floodplain forest.  Great blue herons wade along the shoreline looking to snack on fish, frogs, and tadpoles.  A prime habitat for nesting birds, this trail is closed during the spring and early summer.

Trail Guidelines:

  • Open sunrise to sunset
  • Foot traffic only
  • Stay on the path at all times
  • Carry out your trash
  • Plant and animal harvesting allowed by permit only
  • Dogs allowed on a leash

Refuge Trail Card Challenge: walk all the trails on the refuge, punch your trail card and get a free patch at the refuge office.  More information here. For a printable trail card click here.

Black Creek & Maquam Creek Trail

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Old Railroad Passage Trail

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Stephen J. Young Marsh Trail

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