Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge is located in the rolling hills and narrow valley of the North Fork of the Solomon River in north-central Kansas. On the ancestral homelands of the Pawnee (Pâri), the Refuge lies in an area where the tall-grass prairies of the east meet the short-grass plains of the west. As a result, a mixture of wildlife, grasses, and wildflowers found from both prairie habitats are found on the Refuge.
2022 Archery Deer Hunt Selected Applicants

Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge is pleased to announce the archers selected to participate in the 2022 Archery Deer Hunt!  Follow the link for the list of applicants drawn. 

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Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to see prairie wildlife and wildflowers. Early morning or just before sunset are the best times to observe wildlife. Enjoy walking, hiking, fishing, hunting, bicycling, and/or driving the Refuge. 

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      About Us

      Along the seam, where the tall and short grasses of the rolling prairie embrace and dance in the Kansas wind, two valleys join and beckon abundant wildlife and visitors alike. Visitors to the refuge will find themselves charmed by the melody of the meadowlark, captivated by the expansive vistas from limestone outcrops, and delighted by the bountiful resources of its land and waters. Wildlife-dependent recreation amid the solitude of the Refuge, provide present and future generations with an experience to remember for a lifetime.

      What We Do

      The purpose of the Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge is the conservation, maintenance, and management of wildlife resources and habitat with an emphasis on migratory birds.

      Our Species

      The Refuge provides food, shelter, and nesting areas for migratory grassland and tree-dwelling birds, waterfowl, shorebirds, and cranes.  These include sandhill and the endangered whooping cranes, Canada geese, northern pintail, American wigeon, mallards, greater prairie chickens, western meadowlarks, great blue herons, and many more.  Many mammals like the black-tailed prairie dog and white-tailed deer can also be seen on Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge.

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