Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge is a 325 acre sanctuary of upland forest and freshwater tidal marsh, which provides critical habitat for migratory birds, wintering waterfowl, and a variety of mammalian species. Currently the refuge is only accessible by non-motorized watercraft.

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The refuge can be accessed by the non-motorized boat landing at the south end of Farm Creek. Check out our Visit Us page for more information about how to visit the refuge.

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      About Us

      Learn more about our mission, purpose and history on our About Us page.

      What We Do

      Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge staff manages the refuge’s wetlands, uplands, and shoreline with a variety of inventory, monitoring, and protection methods. Learn about our management practices, comprehensive conservation planning and more on the What We Do page.

      Our Species

      The diverse habitats found at Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge are home to an impressive array of species, especially given the relatively small size of the refuge. Find out more about the residents of Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge on our Species page.

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