Seasons of Wildlife

The upland forests provide important areas where migrating birds can rest and refuel on their travels north in the spring and south in the fall. Notable species include the prothonotary warbler, golden-winged warbler, and blackburnian warbler. Many birds such as eastern bluebirds, mockingbirds, and American robins nest here as well. Amongst the tidal marshes, great blue herons, great egrets, and double crested cormorants fish for food. The shoreline also provides feeding and perching opportunities for osprey, red-tailed hawks, American kestrels, and bald eagles. During the winter months, waterfowl such as black ducks, mallards, wood ducks, hooded mergansers, and teal find shelter in the protected marshes. Featherstone is just as important to mammals as it is to birds. White-tailed deer browse on vegetation in the forests while beavers cruise the wetlands. Red fox, raccoons, gray squirrels, and other small mammals thrive here as well.

Featured Species

The diverse habitats found at Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge are home to an impressive array of species, especially given the relatively small size of the refuge. Find out more about the residents of Featherstone NWR on our Species page.