Woman dressed warmly in camouflage and standing in marsh reeds aims a shotgun into the air

Elizabeth Hartwell Mason Neck National Wildlife Refuge, in cooperation with the Mason Neck State Park, hosts an annual white-tailed deer hunt to manage the deer population on the site. The hunter success rate, coupled with the overall popularity of the large-scale hunt within Northern Virginia, is a huge factor in drawing hunters back each year. Hunts are generally scheduled for November and December. To purchase a hunt permit, each hunter must view an online orientation video that defines the rules of the hunt as well as the management objectives. All hunters are required to have a state hunting license and must show proficiency with firearms by qualifying at a firing range. The hunt qualifies through the Virginia’s Deer Management Assistance Program.

Hunt Dates: Tuesday November 14 & 28, 2023

Scout Date: Sunday November 5, 2023, 9am-4pm

More information about the 2023 season will be posted by July 31, 2023.

Orientation, and permit sales administered on https://potomacriverrefugehunts.recaccess.com/#

The 2023 Northern Virginia Managed Hunt Shotgun Qualification Card can be found here